AWP President's Message June 2013

Dear AWP

It's hard to believe that it is June already, the last two weeks after the APA meeting have flown by.  It was wonderful to see the number of programs focused on Women's health and Women's issues grow at the Annual meeting and to have the return of the women's center as well. 

The AWP/ APA Women's caucus meeting  was inspiring, just being in the room with our incredible award recipients and all of the past women presidents of the APA- truly a powerful group all poised to continue to strengthen women psychiatrists across the globe and to improve the lives of women, and their families, in the process.

As I begin this year as president I wanted each of you in AWP to be aware of my goals:

1) To increase our membership- and AWP's value to the members
2) To create a formal mentoring program- both for our early career awardees, but also others within our membership
3) To award our first international trainee award at the APA in New York in 2014
4) To increase our endowment and financial backing to permit AWP to expand our ability to reach more women

To achieve these aims :

1) I am formally requesting self (or other) nominations for our membership committee. The goals of this committee will be: to better understand the needs of the membership with a goal of increasing our dues paying members and growing the organization. Please email these nominations with the subject line "membership committee nomination" to

2) To have individuals, interested in mentoring, send in 1-2 sentences about where they are in the career and what type of mentor they are looking for so that we can begin to develop mentor connections through AWP. Please email these requests, with the subject line stating "AWP mentoring request" to

3) Next month I will send out a letter to the entire AWP outlining our new international fellowship and the time line for applications.  When you receive this letter please email it to any international connections you may have so that we can reach out to as many potential applicants as possible.  The due date for applicants will be September 1st, and we will inform the recipient October 1 2014 to ensure that this individual has enough time to arrange travel to NYC.

4) With the help of our stellar administrative assistant we will begin to work to write more grants to foundations. In this time of fiscal limitations I want AWP to continue to grow-  even with tight fiscal times the need to provide support to women psychiatrists and the patients we care for only gets larger- therefore we at AWP must increase our ability to help.  If any AWP members are aware of organizations that might be willing to support our mission please let me know directly at or

Finally I am attaching a photo from our Fourth Annual AWP Fundraiser.  In 2013 we raised funds to Jelani Inc. Jelani is an comprehensive residential program for women with dual diagnosis mental health and substance use who are pregnant or who have children. What is unique is that in this location the children, and the fathers, are also able to live with them.  We had several families, the social workers, and the director of Jelani join us on our walk to Union Square. It was truly incredible to hear these women's stories, their love for their children and how Jelani Inc was the first place where they were able to get clean and set goals not only for themselves but for their children.  I was honored to walk with those women who have already achieved so much by just taking that first  step toward sobriety.  We are still able to accept donations- either through paypal on our web site or  through the mail - please mail checks, made out to AWP, to : AWP Central Office, PO Bo 570218, Dallas, TX, 75357-0218, please make sure to include "Jelani Inc" on the subject line of your check.

As president I plan on sending out an email to the list-serve at the beginning of each month.  If you have topics or issues you would like to include please do not hesitate to email me directly (DO NOT respond all), or to

In order to improve the efficiency of our list-serve I am making two changes- one through our email list-serve, the other for those of you with automatic out of office replies.  For those of you with automatic out of office replies if you could please create a rule in your outlook or other account that excludes this email address from your automatic reply I would greatly appreciate it.  I acknowledge that is an extra effort of each of your parts but believe that this will have a significant ability on the list-serve to accomplish its many goals.

I look forward to hearing from each of you and learning more about how best to help AWP achieve its goals.  It's never too early to start planning for May 2014. I look forward to an incredible year and to seeing an increase in programs sponsored by AWP and focused on women's issues in the program for APA.

With kind regards


Stacy S Drury, MD, PhD
Department of Psychiatry, Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Department of Pediatrics
President, Association of Women Psychiatrists
Tulane University
1430 Tulane Ave, #8055
New Orleans, La 70112