2013 Membership Dues

October 21, 2013

Dear AWP Colleague,

Budgets, apparently that is what is on everyone's mind currently. As we approach 2014, and the government doesn't seem to be able to agree on anything, at AWP we stand united. AWP continues to support the development of young women in psychiatry, our membership grows, and through your input and involvement continue to recognize the successes of incredible women in our fi eld who have changed the course of so many lives through their dedication.

AWP continues to develop our international focus. AWP had a strong presence at the International Association for Women's Mental Health in Lima, Peru in March 2013, many of our award winners this past year have already been involved in international mental health projects, and we will be announcing the application for our first international fellow award this month. Our established alternative dues guidelines have permitted the growth of our international membership and we look forward to international contributions to our newsletter.

While many organizations are struggling to stay at their current size, or losing membership, AWP is moving forward and growing. We are writing grant applications to raise more funds to grow our endowment and increase our ability to do more for women in psychiatry. Through your generous support and dues, as well as foundation support, we are able to continue to offer travel fellowships to residents and medical students each year. These fellowships are incredibly competitive and we received a record number of applications last year. The varied impressive accomplishments and future goals of these young women is truly inspiring. Your dues are critical in allowing us to continue these awards and ensure their success.

We continue to honor more accomplished individuals touching the lives of women across the globe through our Man of Good Conscious Award, Marian Butterfield Early Career Award, and the AWP Jeanne Spurlock Social Justice Award. As I have done each year, please submit your nominations - these awards are your voice saying loud and clear to the world that these individuals truly make a difference. Unlike many organizations, at AWP your voice will be heard.

We look forward to seeing you in New York at the APA and AWP Annual Meetings and invite you to attend the many planned AWP events including AWP sponsored APA workshops and symposia, business meeting, awards evening and reception, and our very popular Annual Mentoring and Networking Breakfast. Our winter newsletter will be on its way soon with a detailed update of AWP's progress and the upcoming events and activities associated with our organization and amazing women around the globe. Your annual dues membership is critical to continuing our mission and we wanted to remind you that you annual membership is now due. Through your ongoing participation in AWP and you membership dues we will be able to continue to grow at the local, national and international level. The Association of Women Psychiatrists, now in its 31th year, is dedicated to enhancing your life and work as a strong and vital network of outstanding women
psychiatrists from all settings and levels of career development.

We encourage you to pay your dues today by PayPal on our website.

Or by mailing your check to:

AWP Central Office
P.O. Box 570218
Dallas, TX 75357-0218

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Dues Category:
General Member
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$50.00 (Country List A)
$25.00 (Country List B)
Member in Training (with ID)
Part-time practice
Medical Students
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If you have any questions regarding your dues category, membership or dues status, please contact Frances Bell, AWP Central Office at 972-613-0985 who will be happy to assist you.

We greatly value your membership in AWP and look forward to working together.


Stacy Drury, M.D., Ph.D.

Stacy Drury, M.D., Ph.D.


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